Check the calendar for upcoming workshops for times and locations (availability varies by location). If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact your local center for more information.

Below are overviews of the workshops we offer for job seekers:

Résumé, Cover Letter and Job Search

  • This workshop provides an overview of the process for creating an effective résumé and cover letter. Attendees will also learn about job searching tools and gain networking ideas.

Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Orientation

  • This orientation will explain in detail WIOA services that are available to the general public, and identify who qualifies for individual services.
    • Career Center Services
    • Case Management
    • Career Assessments & Planning
    • Résumé/Cover Letter Assistance/Mock Interviewing
    • GED/HSED Testing Assistance
    • Tuition and Book Assistance
    • On-the-Job Training (OJT)
    • Supportive Services

Opening Doors

  • This workshop discusses the special challenges facing a job seeker who has been incarcerated. Participants will network and learn job seeking strategies to get them back on track for employment.

LinkedIn/Social Media for Job Seekers

  • In this workshop, job seekers will learn how to use social media to connect with the people who can hire you, so you can find employment faster!

Over 50 and Job Searching

  • This workshop focuses on challenges older job seekers face in their job search, identifies ways to overcome those challenges and provides tips for working in a multi-generational workplace.

Interviewing: Sell Yourself

  • In this workshop, job seekers will learn essential interviewing skills, how to prepare for questions and learn how to present themselves to employers.

Computer Basics for Job Seekers

  • Learn how to use a mouse to navigate the computer, save files, create and send e-mail, and how to use the internet to find and apply for jobs.

Mock Interviews

  • Job seekers can practice common interview questions and receive feedback for improvement.

Re-Employment Services Orientation

  • Learn how to effectively market yourself in today’s tough job searching climate. We will cover networking, effective framing of your résumé, interviewing tips, along with a review of the abundant resources available at your local Job Center.

Résumé Reviews

  • Receive a valuable half hour of feedback on your existing résumé. This expert advice helps job seekers create a great “personal commercial”.

Successful Job Interviewing – How to Get That Job Offer

  • Ensure all of your communication demonstrates how you will bring value to an organization. Focus on your strengths and how to be an asset to an employer.

Computer Basics (2½ hours)

  • Beginner Computer Users – Never used a computer before? Come learn about computer basics. You can’t look around these days without noticing computers. They line the walls of schools, libraries, hospitals, offices, stores, and governmental agencies. Computers have become a daily presence in our lives even for those of us who have not used one before. Computer Basics will provide instruction from turning the computer on, to using the mouse, and to performing basic computer tasks.

Intro to Word (2 hours)

  • This class is designed for those interested in the use of Microsoft Word. Would you like to know how to create a word document, save it and find it again? You will learn how to create a document, save it to a device, insert various images or shapes, change the document layout, and learn how to conduct a spelling or grammar check.

Navigating the Internet (2 hours)

  • Are you new to using the Internet to find a job? Let’s learn the basics of navigating the World Wide Web. We will look at functions of the Internet Browser and review common vocabulary used when browsing the internet. You will learn how to narrow down internet searches, navigate websites useful in a job search, and learn how to troubleshoot internet problems.

All about E-mail (2 hours)

  • In this class, you will learn how to create an e-mail account, personalize your e-mail account settings, create an e-mail signature, send e-mails to your desired location, and learn how to attach documents to an e-mail. We will also learn how to troubleshoot e-mail account problems that may come up and learn problem solving techniques related to your e-mail account.

Intro to Excel (2 hours)

  • This spreadsheet program can be simple to use when you know the difference between a row and column. We will identify the features and possibilities of Excel. Learn how to sort and print data, solve mathematical equations, combine data from more than one spreadsheet, and how to format your excel spreadsheet.

Intro to Google Docs & Google Drive (2 hours)

  • Get to know what Google has to offer.  There is an alternate source for creating a document, and it’s FREE!  Access files anywhere through secure cloud storage and backup for your photos, videos, and more with Google Drive.

Intro to Job Center of WI – (1 hour)

  • Learn what the Job Center of Wisconsin website ( can do for you.  Create a resume, search for a job, find labor market information, and so much more.

Soft Skills Overview

  • Getting employed and remaining employed – what soft skills are employers looking for when hiring and retaining their workforce!

Strategies for Employment Success

  • “It is not always the best qualified person that gets the job – it is the person with the best JOB SEEKING SKILLS.” Meet with a DWD Employment and Training Specialist to build your resource “tool box” learn about the Fox Valley Job Centers,, and partner agencies that can assist with employment goals, successful job seeking strategies, valuable résumé and interview tips and MORE.

Researching Companies Before Your Next Interview

  • Learn the best ways to research the company before your interview.

Grammar: There, Their or They’re

  • Which do you use on your résumé? Workshop on using proper grammar and making you look as good on paper as you are in real life to employers.

Teamwork – Soft Skills

  • Learn the value of teamwork in the workplace in a group setting.  Part of a new series in learning “soft skills” that are needed in today’s workplace environment.

Professionalism in the Workplace

  • Learn how professionalism plays a part in the hiring process as well as your everyday activities in the workplace.

Career Exploration

  • This is not a one size fits all topic. In this workshop we will explore your current work search situation.
  • Some may need to start with exploring careers they might want to pursue, while others may need help overcoming obstacles which may be preventing them from getting the job they want. Whatever your situation, please join us in the career exploration workshop.

Fox Valley Workforce Development Board is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.