Training Information

Is On-the-Job Training Right for Your Company?

Fox Valley Job Centers can help you determine whether an On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunity is right for your company.

Funding for OJT might be as high as 50 percent for up to six months. However, the level of funding is determined on a case-by-case basis, and can only be determined after the job has been classified and training needs/methods have been identified.

Some of the guidelines for OJT eligibility are that participants must be eligible for Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act funding. A case manager at a workforce development center can determine the eligibility. The eligibility must be determined prior to consideration of an OJT contract and prior to hiring.

OJT reimbursements are not a wage subsidy, but are intended to be a reimbursement for training that is over and above the normal training that would be provided to new hires. OJT would not be appropriate if a participant already has the skills to do the job.

To learn more about OJT opportunities and whether one would be a good fit to assist with your hiring needs, contact the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board Business Services at 920.720.5600

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